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The Lazy Twin Acres Pub


In some parts of the world brews are made by chewing grains and spitting them into a common container for fermentation.  We at The Lazy Twin Acres Pub pay our due respects to this honorable tradition, but at the same time use methods that are more modern in the development of our brews.


The Lazy Twin Acres Pub provides an unparalleled selection of beer grown in small, individualized batches. They range in style from a light pilsner, to a steam beer, to a hearty stout. In addition, we do not discriminate against the mega breweries.  We rotate these stocks seasonally; we are currently hosting products from the Molson and Guinness lines. In the past, we have hosted beverages from breweries such as Anheuser-Busch, Anchor Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Columbus Brewing Company, Hosters, Dos Equis, Spaten and others.


Ohio law prevents us from selling alcohol-containing beverages without a license.  Getting a license seemed like an awful lot of work, especially considering our projected sales volume.  So, to remain in compliance with Ohio law, our products are not available for sale. 

We look forward to your visit soon!

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